How many lines to choose on slot machines?

In this article we will analyze such an important component as setting the number of active lines on slot machines. What are the features of this parameter and what does it affect?

Who has been playing for a long time – knows that when setting the minimum number of lines – the game gets a more dispersive character. This means that the winnings compared to the bets will be much more, but will fall out much less.

Here it is important to pay attention to a few basic points. If the casino uses an adaptive mathematical model, then in fact there is no difference in the number of lines and size of bets. Here it is important to understand that the potential winnings are already set a limit. But with the use of random math, slot machines become much more risky.

When you can not play on all lines

There are chips here, too. An experienced player uses his strategies and in most cases will try to play on all lines. Exceptions will be some popular machines, such as Book of Ra, where the bonus game is activated when three of any scatter symbols appear on any reel cells. This means that the number of playing lines will not affect the overall chances of launching the bonus round. But already in the bonus round prize money will be smaller, as payments will go on 5, not 10 lines.

Thus, in slots, where the bonus game is crucial, you can expose less lines. In this case, the experienced advise to increase the bet – it will help to win a larger amount.

The second exception – the game with a small number of lines (3-5). They have a reason to put a large bet and gamble on 1 line. Here are relevant various classic machines with seven, but not bad and popular StarBurst.

What does the math have to say

If we look at the problem under consideration from the mathematical point of view, then at a long distance the number of lines will not play a significant role. With a smaller number of lines, you will simply see the winning combination a little less often.

We believe that the simplest option is to play on the maximum number of prize schemes available on the device. And in general – it is not very important how you play, because the behavior of the player is almost nothing. Slot machines – gambling, where the most important case and luck. If you do not know yet, then we’ll tell you a secret: even your choice of bonus symbols and other chips in bonus tours does not affect anything. When you think about what to choose – your computer already has a ready variant of the amount that is ready to give you.