Legal online casinos in Spain

Online gambling in Spain including casino zaragoza is legalized by law 13/2011 of May 27, 2011. “On the regulation of gambling business” (Spanish Gambling Act [1]). The regulatory body is the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego [2] (Gaming Regulation General Division) established under the Ministry of Finance. Virtual gambling establishments operate under the national domain *.es.

Regulation and licensing
Online casinos in Spain are regulated by state (Minister of Finance) and regional authorities. Law 13/2011 on the Regulation of Gambling Business applies to online casinos operating in Spain (including foreign ones).
Legal casinos must be registered in the national domain .es, otherwise they are considered to be illegal. White and black lists of virtual gambling establishments can be found on the website [3].

The basis of law 13/2011 was:

Royal Decree 1613/2011 on technical requirements;
Royal Decree 1614/2011 regulating gambling licenses, permits and registries and resolutions;
Ministerial decrees (for each type of game).
Online casinos in Spain receive general and single licenses. There are three types of the former – for betting, contests (lotteries) and gambling. Single licenses are issued for:

fixed odds betting,
fixed odds sports betting,
sports betting,
fixed odds horse racing bets,
exchange betting.
There is a concept of “other online games” in Spanish law, which is not disclosed. If a gambling pastime is not in the list above, it is prohibited.

Applications for a general and a single license are submitted to the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation in Spanish. The general one is issued after an open tender. Valid for 10 years and subject to renewal.
The period of validity of the single permit – 3-5 years.

The company including casino zaragoza will get the license, if it proves solvency, reliability of the software and the presence of an encryption protocol that protects players from fraud.

The firm must be a public limited liability company, having its registration and head office in Spain or in an EU member state, the EEA.
Obligatory condition: the conduct of gambling activities must be the first and only sphere of employment.

To the treasury licensees pay fees in the amount of (euros):

38,000 – for a report on the technical condition of the equipment;
2,500 for the registration of each license;
10.000 for each gaming software license.
Insurance is (in euros):

2,000,000 for a general license;
500 000 – for a single license.
A program is introduced in the licensee’s software, which conducts internal monitoring. It registers transactions and financial transactions of the virtual establishment.

Regulators monitor the honesty and legality of licensees’ payments.

The minimum age for access to online casinos in Spain is 18 years old. Means of payment for deposit and withdrawal are bank cards in any currency, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard.