Marathon Bet Identity Verification

Many active players at online casinos often face certain difficulties. This occurs at the time of payment, when it is necessary to pass verification, when receiving bonuses, and so on. But more often than not, the gambler is creating problems for himself because of the lack of any desire to explore the issue a little deeper.

Verification is a procedure for checking Marathon Bet additional information about a player. It is necessary if casino support agents suspected the user of committing inappropriate actions such as money laundering, bonushanging or other types of fraud. In such situations, the casino takes care not only of its own good, but also of yours. After all, any Malomal hacker may try to “open” the player’s account and transfer the winnings to your account. Therefore, first of all, the verification must be treated in a neutral manner.

The process itself does not cause any difficulties. If you are an avid gambler, we recommend making a briefcase of documents, which you will use for verification in any marathonbet casino review. Usually managers ask for the following information: a copy of passport or any other ID (rights, student ID, etc.); two copies of the credit card used for the deposit (front and back – CVV security code must be painted over!); copy of bank statement; copy of utility bill.Only the last two documents provide inconvenience, because the information contained in them must be up-to-date at the time of verification.

Marathon Bet Identity Verification

In some cases, confirmation by phone or e-mail is required.If you’re not a bonushunter, it makes no sense to duplicate your accounts. This also applies to playing on other people’s devices or in situations where friends are playing for money from your PC. The fact that the casino (or rather, the providers) are able to track not only IP, but also remember the “iron”. If it will be noticed that several people are playing from your address or device, the security service can take it as fraud and block your account. Of course, the payment may be refused.You must have noticed that all casinos have one feature – almost instantaneous deposit. However, withdrawal can last from 1 hour to 30 days (depending on the selected method). We can confidently say – if you are not able to wait 2-3 days until the money comes to your account, and a quick cache will not save you. You will still transfer this money back to your casino account and spend it on bets. Many establishments even offer the option to cancel the payment. Using this option, the money requested for withdrawal is returned to the internal account of the casino.

It must be admitted that no casino can guarantee the withdrawal of winnings. Reasonable action only increases the chances. Play correctly, do not make trivial mistakes and think with a cold head when it comes to playing for real money.