Marathonbet – bonus and loyalty program

At the marathonbet online casinos bookmaker’s office bonus attracts customers with the opportunity to get points, which can be exchanged for money or free bets, money for an advance or free bet, etc.

International bookmaker Marathonbet in Russia operates illegally. Mirror is one of the ways to enter the site of the BK players living in Russia. Despite its illegitimate position on the Russian gambling market, Marathonbet bookmaker office is trusted by its customers. In addition to a good selection of games, spreads, odds, offers special offers. On the website of the Marathonbet betting company, you can get a bonus for sports betting, as well as for playing on the sweepstakes. Although the list of bonus programs is not as wide as you would like, you can find interesting items in it.

Getting bonuses and promotions at BK Marathonbet
Current bonuses, promotions, loyalty program conditions are described in the rules in the “Bonuses” and “Marathon loyalty program” sections. Go button on the top panel under the name “Services” in the drop-down menu. Among them:

advance bets;
betting bonus 14, 31 and 63;
best odds guarantee;
2-winners bonus;
free bet;
loyalty program.
Welcome bonuses are not on the list. Let’s find out how to get a bonus from Marathonbet and for which bets.

Advance bet
This bonus gives the player the right to bet not with their own money, but with the funds of Marathonbet bookmaker. It is provided if there is not enough money on the gaming account to make a bet.


the bet must not be settled yet;
The advance bet must be reimbursed at the expense of the winnings. The net winnings themselves are transferred to the player. All coupons calculated in the next two days are taken into account;
if the prediction is not correct, the participant must return to marathonbet casino mobile the amount of the advance;
if the sum of payments for the next two days will be less than the advance payment, the balance after redemption shall not be refunded;
the funds deposited on the balance after the use of the advance amount shall not be redeemed by the player.

Advance bets can be used on:

Live gambling;
Pre-match events with the start time within 48 hours.
Except for games with odds of SP.

How much money Marathonbet bookmaker gave and what part of the advance bet was used is indicated in your personal profile in the “My account” section. You can use the advance bet again, even if the coupon with the previous bonus has not been calculated yet.

Bonus on Lucky 14, 31 and 63 bets
In gambling betting there is a type of bet Lucky 15, 31 and 63. About it in detail, with examples is told in the rules of the Marathonbet bookmaker’s office.

Players betting on dog or horse racing on the Lucky 15, 31 or 63 type receive double winnings to the game account if they correctly made a prediction on at least one choice.


The bet must be on the winner, not on the place the racers will take. If a player bets on a place, it will be calculated on the odds specified in the outcome;
the player does not get a bonus if the choice in the bet is not played or dropped out, the participant of the races dropped out;
coefficient is not less than 1.5.

Best odds guarantee
Marathon bookmaker’s office offers a calculation by the increased odds for bets at the beginning of the race (SP), if at the time of confirmation of the coupon the odds were lower. This bonus applies only to bets on horse and dog racing.

it is possible to make bets on winning, a place in a tournament, on single and complex (multiple bets) bets;
if the odds decreased, the player will get the calculation according to the odds for the outcome at the moment of betting;
bets made on live games are taken into account in the program;
betting odds of a racetrack are not taken into account.

Two Winners Bonus
Under this bonus program, the customer is entitled to win regardless of the winner, even if their prediction didn’t come true.


the bonus is valid when betting on dog and horse races held in Great Britain and Ireland;
under the terms of the program the winner must be disqualified, i.e. the second participant of the race gets a technical victory;
bet on the winner, not on the place he took;
single bet, not more than 200 euros.

If the above conditions are met, Marathonbet bookmaker office pays the winnings for two results – for the winner and the participant, who was awarded the technical victory.