Respin – why do slots need this feature?

Online slots with additional functions and features are popular among many players. Among them are best online casinos in spain. And no wonder, because such bonuses improve the chance of winning. One such feature is Respin, which is found in almost all modern games. So, playing slot machines in the casino Vulkan, you can explore this option and try it.

Features and purpose of Respin
Respin is available only in some slot machines. This is an innovative development of game manufacturers who wanted to increase the possibility of winnings for users. Simply put, a respin is a re-spin option. It can be incorporated even into a classic slot machine, but mostly it is added to slots with different modern options: Sakura Fortune and others.

Features of respins:
They are considered additional bonus features, during which multipliers can appear, the reels can freeze, additional symbols can play.
In essence, respin is the same as a freespin which is what it says here as well: But Respin most often triggered by a certain combination of symbols, when the prize chain or during the fulfillment of other conditions. Frispins are mainly activated by Scatter symbols.
Basically, the activation of respin depends on the actions of the player – the successful combinations.
Some machines may have random reps that appear on the slot at any point in the game.
In some slots feature dokruchivaniya reels. In this case, under each reel there is a separate button that allows you to selectively rotate the drum. But this is not a respin, as the function is paid.

Respin is one free spin, which can be repeated if a certain algorithm is performed.