Why are online casino slots so popular?

The popularity of online slots can directly be correlated with their design and how much entertainment value they have when comparing them to other online casino games. Online casinos Spain are available to all users and bring big jackpots.

According to research, the more slots an online casino has, the more time a customer spends on it. This may be a bit odd, as simply closing a slot game is much easier than just leaving a blackjack or poker table. Even if it was the case that blackjack and poker kept people online for longer, it’s unlikely to be a genuine will to stay. People don’t want to give up on a game, which is why they stick around, but slots allow you to leave at any time, which gives them a lot more friendly vibe.

But let’s try and find out why the list of trustworthy slots games is continuing to grow even when the number of people gambling is slowly decreasing.


The RTP is usually much higher with online slots games than any other casino game. Why? Because slots allow players to bet quite a small amount and expect at least a 90% return on every single spin.

Online casinos want to cater to as many people as possible
Online casinos want to cater to as many people as possible

The slots are designed to have around 95% RTP at any given moment of a player’s spinning session, meaning that no matter how much you lose, at some point you will get 95% of your money back somehow.

The speed of the game

Slots are very fast. You simply press once and get either instant gratification or you try again. When doing so in blackjack, poker, and various other casino games, the speed of these games does not necessarily equal to instant gratification. It could sometimes take a few minutes or even hours for you to see at least some kind of return. Furthermore, most of the table games are designed like winner takes it all, so you either go for it all, or you walk away with nothing.

If an online slot continues its animation for more than a minute, then you can be 100% sure that you’ll be getting a hefty profit once it’s done doing so. Or it’s just your internet connection that’s either disconnected or too slow. Online casinos Spain have access to a huge number of jackpot slots.

The way developers design them.

Online slots are designed to lure people in. They’re usually constructed in a way that convinces people that it’s just a game. And in most cases, it is indeed just a game.

The design patterns you see with most modern online slots is very transparent. The games are flashy and have a lot of animations so as to keep the player entertained and to make them want to see more.

Online casinos want to cater to as many people as possible
Online casinos want to cater to as many people as possible

Some developers like to display these animations straight on the base game, but there are others who hide them behind things such as bonus levels. In order to get to the bonus level, the player needs to try their luck at least a couple of dozen times, and once they’re there, they will get to see all that the game is about.

Developers hype the bonus level to the extreme and convince players that it’s something worth seeing and losing a lot of money over.

They’re easy to list

Online casinos want to cater to as many people as possible, meaning that they must have as many casino games as possible, right? Unfortunately, getting the software for an online casino could be a bit pricey, but listing slots is usually much cheaper.

Therefore, some casino owners just go with as many developers as possible and list them on their websites.

Once they do, they hope to target mostly those who enjoy playing slots specifically.